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  • The world bank expert group heard the interim report on the near zero project at 191 neijiang road, building materials group

    No. 191 neijiang road, near zero project, is the first existing building in the city designed and renovated according to the requirement of near zero carbon emission, listed as the low-carbon building demonstration project of the world bank. It is designed and constructed by the building materials design institute of the building materials group.

    On the morning of October 10, 2018, the world bank expert group listened to the report on the implementation progress of the neijiang road near zero low-carbon project from the building materials design institute, expressed satisfaction with the current progress, and put forward valuable Suggestions.

    The project has now entered the implementation phase, the facade has been basically completed, and the interior is undergoing key construction. The expert group believes that this project takes advantage of the old factory buildings and, through reasonable business arrangements, does not increase the investment much. It has a demonstration effect for a large number of old factories similar to this volume to be converted into ultra-low-energy buildings, which can be replicated and popularized.

    The expert group requires the implementation stage to strictly follow the design standards, carefully grasp each link, to ensure that the project meets the design requirements. At the same time, the expert group pointed out that the biggest challenge in the future is the late operation of the project. If an energy-saving building is not used according to the energy-saving concept, it will not achieve the expected energy-saving effect in the end.

    The expert group also suggested that the project was characterized by a narrow construction area, and the modular assembly technology adopted by the main structure and the facade was the future development direction of the building, which should be summarized and analyzed in the subject. The construction of ultra-low-energy buildings should have the awareness of the whole life cycle, and the concept of energy saving should run through the whole process of design, construction, material selection and operation.

    The recommendations of the world bank expert group have opened our minds and raised our professional standards.

    Shanghai building materials industrial design and research institute co. LTD

                                                                                                               October 11, 2018




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