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  • Expo Shanghai glass curtain wall company for the expo escort point combination of man-machine combination with the highest standards, the most stringent requirements, the greatest efforts to win the security battle

    As the 2018 China international import expo opening date looming, members of the Shanghai building materials (group) co., LTD. Shanghai bo wit can curtain wall co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "glass machine company") as a national convention center in Shanghai curtain wall fixed maintenance unit, recently, the national convention center square in Shanghai trumpet assembly, held solemn "face into expo curtain wall security pledging conference". This opened the curtain wall of the international exhibition center security work actual combat prelude, marking the security prevention and control system is fully launched.

    The national stadium - the first China international import expo Shanghai exhibition center, is China's largest, the world's second monomer building, the total area of 860000 square meters, building height 43 meters, building area of 147 square meters, the glass, aluminum, stone curtain wall area of about 25 square meters, such as maintenance area equivalent to 35 standard football field. Glass machine company used the combination of "civil air defense + dimension is" comprehensive technological means to carry out the curtain wall inspection and maintenance: one is that a team is composed of engineering, project management, technical commissioner of emergency "check emergency rescue team, formed a set of operational and pragmatic 24-hour emergency rapid response curtain wall rescue and disposal of the emergency response plan; Second, the curtain wall security information data analysis and management platform, with the help of advanced testing equipment and other measures to provide a strong technical support for the fair, to ensure that every piece of glass in a safe state, earnestly fulfill the host region corporate social responsibility.

    Glass machine company, said the Shanghai China international import expo, is the party central committee with a view to promoting a new round of high levels of opening to the outside world to make major decisions, is a major measure for the initiative in our country are open to the world market, also excellent global cities and in Shanghai construction of socialist modernization has the world influence the focus of the international metropolis, as main curtain wall security fixed-point maintenance unit, feel a great responsibility, glorious mission, we must to don't I stay in the spirit of final showdown, wok security work, the more at the last moment, the more should pay attention to detail, excellence, the pursuit of excellence, Adhere to the problem-oriented, results-oriented, the curtain wall security preparation to do more solid, more detailed, more comprehensive; To nail the spirit of hard to grasp the implementation of progress, from the details, take the initiative to find problems, solve problems, constantly improve the curtain wall maintenance ability, service the first China expo, started "made in Shanghai" and "Shanghai service" brand.





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