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  • Technology integration innovation has transformed the old factory into a "near zero and low-carbon" building

    Recently, an old factory building with a long history is undergoing the transformation of "near zero and low carbon" project, which is a key project of the municipal science and technology commission and has been funded by the world bank. It is understood that there are only 2 low-energy buildings completed or under construction in Shanghai.

    Building material group in considering architectural passive design, optimization of design parameters on the basis of the analyses energy consumption simulation, natural lighting, integration of a variety of energy saving technology - the use of renewable energy photovoltaic (roof), passive energy saving technology (metope maintenance), BA integrated control system (the system equipment, new doors and Windows system monitoring).

    It is reported that the project is led by the building materials group, set design and development, engineering construction, equipment application, integrated services in one. The project has moved from design demonstration to construction.

    According to preliminary calculation, the construction area of the project is up to 6,200 square meters. After adopting the photovoltaic power generation technical measures, the unit near-zero energy consumption drops from 69.03kwh/m2a to 9.66kwh/m2a, a decrease of 86%. CO2 emission per unit area decreased from 49.70kgCO2/m2a to 6.96kgCO2/m2a, a decrease of 85%, lower than the world bank standard of nearly zero carbon emission (25kgCO2/m2a). It can save 360,000 yuan of electricity fee and reduce 265 tons of carbon emission every year.

    The biggest highlight of this project lies in its low-carbon design concept and low-cost investment and operation mode, which maximizes the reduction of near-zero transformation cost and creates a transformation mode of old plant that can be copied and popularized. After the project is completed and put into use, it will be of great strategic significance for the group to lay out "China's excellent new building energy saving materials manufacturing and service providers".

                                         (supplied by building materials group)

    Supplementary information:

    Project name: "study and demonstration of near-zero energy office buildings in Shanghai"

    Project investment: about 27 million RMB bank-supported funds: 500,000 RMB

    The project name

    Near zero energy consumption per unitkwh/m2a

    Carbon emissionskgCO2/m2a

    Neijiang road (after renovation)



    Hongqiao hotel (measured)



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