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    Small booth, big layout

    The 20th China international industry expo (ciie) was successfully concluded at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) on September 23, 2018. During the five days of the exhibition, the number of professional visitors exceeded 170,000, both the scale of the exhibition and the number of professional visitors reached a record high. The annual China international industry expo is now in its 20th year. Over the past 20 years, the exhibition has witnessed the steady development of China's industrial entities and the transformation of "made in China" into a stronger product.

    Shanghai building materials (group) co., LTD. Is a large state-owned green building materials industry group integrating design and development, manufacturing, engineering application and integrated services. The group gives full play to its industrial advantages, connects with the "four major brands" strategy in Shanghai, and realizes advanced manufacturing based on high-end manufacturing and deep processing application. To do new industrial prefabricated building materials and green building materials based new materials business; We are specialized in energy saving and environmental protection services, which mainly include renovation and upgrading of existing buildings, integrated supply of building materials, inspection and certification, and producer services.

    The 20th industrial fair, Shanghai building materials group booth is located in hall 8.2H, a total of 135 square meters, compared with the surrounding park booth is not too big, but into a look, between the booth, all show the group docking "made in Shanghai", "Shanghai service" two major brand determination.

    "Made in Shanghai"

    "Made in Shanghai" is the city gene of Shanghai. In the 1980s and 1990s, "made in Shanghai" was a golden sign in China. In many people's mind, "made in Shanghai" means high quality, good quality and exquisite. "Hero brand" pen, "seagull brand" camera, "Shanghai brand" watch, "permanent brand" bicycle and other popular brands, embodies the wisdom and persistence of generations of "craftsmen" in this city, and has become the "Shanghai quality" people are fond of saying. Industrial xingbang, Shanghai building materials group after decades of development, a total of 97 "manufacturing" brand, including 12 Shanghai famous trademarks, Shanghai famous brand 5, Shanghai well-known trademark 1.

    In this exhibition, the products of "yaopi glass", "white butterfly pipe industry", "sakura rock wool", "precast components of pushiva" and "moonstar waterproof material" of the group manufacturing brands are displayed. The brand of "high quality" of these old state-owned brands has long been deeply engraved in people's hearts, but the trust of customers has not stopped "made in Shanghai" from pursuing better products. The environmental protection coating that month star waterproof rolls out, with "bamboo basket draws water no longer empty" form is exhibited, attracted the stop of a lot of audiences; Yaopi glass group combines its own high-quality functional glass with imported hardware to create amazing high-end doors and Windows, quiet doors and Windows field installation effect is remarkable; The sakura rock wool and white butterfly tubes displayed in the real world bring the audience a sense of "sight and touch".

    "Shanghai service"

    Shanghai, whose service economy accounts for 70%, is further upgrading its service level. The recent three-year action plan of "Shanghai service" puts forward that "Shanghai service" should become a synonym of "quality service" and a well-known brand at home and abroad. Building materials group has a total of 35 service brands in the service sector, including "people decoration" and "wall steward".

    On the group booth of the exhibition, the decoration of the "regular army of state-owned enterprises" was done to the utmost, and the design drawing of the decoration model room was displayed by means of AR, which increased the interest for the visitors.

    "Wall steward" system display, use data to build the platform, build the existing curtain wall update platform, for the glass curtain wall protection. Glass intelligent curtain wall "wall steward" product pre-warning, real-time inspection, data collection, data comparison, solution and other full set of big data services, to assume social responsibility, ensure the safety of curtain wall, to leave a deep impression on the audience.

    Exhibition achievements:

    1. The publicity reached 45,000 audiences

    2. Add 218 professional fans to the official account of WeChat of the group

    3. Collected and consulted 28 potential customers on site

    4. Sign the order on site

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