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    Hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge is the world's longest cross-sea bridge, even the world's most dynamic economic zone, in the promotion of Hong Kong, Macao, and the further development of the west bank of the pearl river delta regional economy has important strategic significance, therefore the construction of the bridge from the start has received the attention in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in 1983 by the Hong Kong construction idea, put forward by the architect Gordon wu after 26 years of game theory, the official start of the construction in 2009. Its construction is also a milestone of China's transition from a bridge power to a bridge power.

    Spanning the lingdingyang ocean, the HZMB connects Hong Kong in the east and zhuhai and Macao in the west. With a total length of about 55 kilometers, it is the longest cross-sea bridge project under construction in the world, including the main project of bridge and tunnel in the sea, the connecting line of three places and the port.

    The artificial island reclamation area of zhuhai port and Macao port is about 208.87 hectares, which is divided into four main areas, including the main project management area of hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, the connection area of zhuhai line, zhuhai port management area and Macao port management area. Zhuhai port is the only port in mainland China that connects Hong Kong and Macao at the same time. It is a regional transportation hub and an urban comprehensive area that integrates passenger inspection, cargo inspection, comprehensive commerce, business supporting facilities and logistics support. It meets the transportation requirements of the four major systems of "passengers, goods, goods and business".

    Zhuhai port is divided into four areas: passenger inspection building A, passenger inspection building B, transportation center and transportation corridor. The passenger inspection building adopts yao-pi high-quality low-e insulating glass of Shanghai building materials group to ensure the building's aesthetics and energy conservation.

    The bridge consists of three navigable Bridges, an undersea tunnel, four artificial islands, Bridges and tunnels, a continuous beam bridge with non-navigable holes in the deep and shallow water areas, and an overland link between Hong Kong, zhuhai and Macao. With thousands of passengers crossing Bridges and tunnels every day, reducing the risk of fire in the tunnels and preventing it from happening has become one of the key goals of the superproject.

    The tunnel smoke exhaust pipe ensures the smooth flow of air in the tunnel of the hk-zhuhai-macao cross-sea bridge. In case of fire in the tunnel, it can discharge the smoke from the fire through the air pipe to reduce the secondary casualties caused by the smoke. According to the national standard, the fire resistance limit of smoke prevention and exhaust system materials is 1.0h, while the maximum fire resistance limit of sakura rock wool of Shanghai building materials group is 4.0h, far exceeding the national standard. Sakura rock wool for the protection of this century project, to shuttle in Hong Kong, zhuhai and Macao people a more secure.

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