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  • Shanghai "white butterfly" : from the secondary water supply transformation to Shanghai "import expo" supporting

    1.jpg reported on July 30: is listed as the municipal government's key practical project "residential building secondary water supply renovation project", has achieved remarkable results. Shanghai water quality cannot be improved without the contribution of high-quality water supply pipeline. As Shanghai building material group holdings of state-owned enterprises, Shanghai white butterfly pipe technology co., LTD. Since its inception, has always been a key project of Shanghai the main pipe products supplier, has 30 million square meters of residential building in Shanghai secondary water supply reconstruction project, provides the green pollution-free pipe products at the same time also to the South Pole in October, Shanghai, hongqiao hub, both center provides the key supporting Tibet agriculture water etc, the company recently white butterfly products to match the first China international exhibition venues reconstruction project, are nervous construction, ensure the quality.


    It is understood that Shanghai baidie pipe industry technology co., ltd. was established in 1988, is a large state-owned holding enterprises. Specialized in plastic pipeline research and development, production, sales for more than 30 years, in Shanghai jinhui, pudong hangtou, heilongjiang zhaodong and other places have built production bases. The production products are feed pipe, drain pipe, threading pipe, floor heating pipe, heating pipe, ground source heat pump and other six categories, a total of 18 single products. In 1997 for the first time in domestic pp-r pipe was applied to Shanghai wanli village, is the domestic pp-r pipe industry pioneer, white butterfly pipe for many years been rated as China's top ten brand, Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai famous trademark, is a high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, professional committee of the Chinese plastic pipe, vice President of units, a number of pipeline is one of the national standards drafting unit. For more than 30 years, we insist on the use of international imported raw materials and production equipment. Our products cover more than 300 cities in China and have over 1,000 dealers. Our products are sold well in Asia, Europe, Africa and other countries.


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